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At Ridgeview Family Dental, we strongly believe that comprehensive dental care is the essence of effective patient treatment. We look at the whole patient including the influence of the head and neck region to the rest of the body. It has been documented that poor oral health and gum disease is linked to coronary heart disease. We know that certain medications can affect the balance of bacteria in your mouth. This makes a comprehensive oral exam involving teeth, gums, the bone that supports the teeth, soft tissue, tempromadibular joints and lymph nodes of the head and neck, of the utmost importance. Preventive dental medicine involves taking care of situations before they become larger problems. Repairing fractured teeth, replacing broken leaking mercury (silver fillings) with tooth colored restorations, removing tartar and its toxins from around teeth and gums, keep us one step closer to a great smile and a healthier self.

From toddler to senior, at Ridgeview Family Dental we address the dental needs of all the members of your family and do our utmost to make your visit a pleasant experience.

We invite you to read more on the breadth of services we offer:

· ORTHODONTICS - Children, teens and adults can all benefit from Orthodontics: the straightening and moving of teeth to close space correct crowding and fix incorrect bites. With over 30 years of experience in this area, Ridgeview Family Dental has helped hundreds of people create the smile they have always dreamed of. Dr. Cannizzo is also a certified Invisalign dentist. Invisalign invisibly straightens your teeth with a series of custom molded aligners. Contact our office for a free ortho consult.

· COSMETIC DENTISTRY - The recent advances in dental techniques and material technology have created this new and exciting area of modern dentistry. Now malformed, discolored, fractured, unevenly spaced, and crooked teeth can be easily corrected. The procedures can be completed in relatively few visits and the material used looks and feels just like your natural teeth. Dr Cannizzo's expert training is a result of his completing the advanced study in cosmetic dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute.

· RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY - We offer state of the art restorative dentistry through the use of plastic fillings (matched -to-tooth color) crowns, bridges, veneers and partial or full dentures.

· PERIODONTAL THERAPY - Periodontal (gum) disease attacks the tissue that protects the teeth. Gingivitis (gum inflammation) is the earliest form of periodontal disease. This is a silent disease and many adults are unaware that the condition exists in their mouth. If untreated, gingivitis progresses to destructive peridontitis. Some symptoms of periodontitis are: - Gum recession - Frequent bleeding of the gums - Loosening of the teeth With your cooperation, we can help you to detect and treat gum disease before it reaches the destructive stage. (Dr. Greg is an Illinois Licensed General Dentist)

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